History of Mark Taylor Construction’s Roofing Division

Mark Taylor Construction, LLC was founded in 2002 by Mark Taylor. The company has replaced more than 2,000 roofs, with over 1,500 of those re-roofs occurring in the Pensacola, FL area.

Mark had no idea that a 2001 mission trip to Chattanooga, TN with First Baptist Church Pensacola’s Youth & College Group would set his unbeknownst to him roofing career into motion, but that’s exactly how this roofing company began!

He never planned on being a professional roofer, all he wanted to do was to help less fortunate people in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties that had leaks inside their homes and didn’t have the financial or physical means to repair their roofs. From that 2001 mission trip to present, 105 less fortunate families have received new roofs for free!

This Pensacola News Journal article below was from the very first roof replaced in Pensacola. Let Mark tell the story…

“In the fall of 2000 we began meeting with the City of Pensacola to discuss bringing World Changers to Pensacola, FL. In order to help them understand the vision we thought it would be wise to do a pilot project where we partner together with the City. They would provide the funding for the roofing materials, and we would provide the volunteer labor to remove the old roof and install the new roof.

Mrs. Helen Gibson and Mr. Tom Lane, among other, with the City of Pensacola provided us with a list of homeowners that had requested the cities help with their roofs. The list was long, but the city didn’t have enough funding to help everyone who needed it.

We met with many of the homeowners on the list, until we met Ms. Williams. We knew the minute we met her and her paraplegic son that this was the perfect home, and the perfect family to bless with this inaugural roof replacement.

The Williams home on North G Street across from the entrance to St. John’s cemetery was in very bad condition. The roof leaked in many places, the worst of which was directly over Ms. William’s bed. On rainy nights she had a system of saw horses with lumber laid across and buckets catching the water over her body as she tried to sleep. We knew this was a situation we wanted to make better.

That first partnership with the City of Pensacola went very smoothly. So smoothly that Escambia County also joined in, and since that time 105 families like the Williams have received new roofs at no cost to them!

The first Pensacola World Changers home as featured in a Pensacola News Journal article. Mark Taylor is shown removing the old shingles on the Williams home on North G Street.