Hurricane Sally Roofing Thoughts

A few things to consider.

1) If your current roof is 15 years or older there is a very good chance Sally ruined your roof. Even if from the ground it looks ok there is a HIGH chance that many of the shingles lifted during the gusts but then layed back down. You test this by gently lifting on the tabs, if they are not stuck to the shingle beneath they will not reseal themselves, they are designed to seal in the heat upon installation. Your insurance will likely pay for a replacement roof.

When it comes to patching small areas of a roof it can be done but 15 year old shingles are very difficult to patch because they are brittle and will break while we try to weave them in with the old shingles. + the insurance exists to make you whole and new shingles will never match 15 year old shingles.

2) Many companies will approach you with the promise to handle your claim for you. It sounds real nice. But in reality you’ll agree to an AOB, assignment of benefits where you are giving over your rights to your insurance proceeds. In the right situation with a HIGH AMOUNT OF TRUST in that person/ contractor it can work out but Ive heard more horror stories than success stories. The most common is dragging out the project because once you sign your at their mercy to get the job done because the insurance check wont have your name on it, it’ll have their name on it.

They also will max out every small thing and bill the insurance for it, hurting all of us insureds in FL as a result when all of our premiums rise.

Best practice is have them quote you for the job, let the insurance pay you and then you pay them.

Im sure there is more I want to say but too tired to think of them right now. I had over 175 phone calls yesterday alone. If I can help you call or text 8505545440.

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